There is no doubt that humans have inhabited in Ethiopia since the dawn of recorded history, as indicated in early cave drawings. The more modern Ethiopians are not a single racial or ethnic group, a fact reflected in the diversity of their languages. Some Ethiopian peoples residing along the river bank of the Omo, such as the Surma, were clearly tribal and semi-nomadic, while others were more reliant on agriculture.

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Our primary mission and aim are to provide a quality service to make the experience of our customers unforgettable and earn the maximum benefit in return by playing our part in our region, Ethiopia; for further job creation and economic growth. Our key goal is to always find a way for our customers to explore and encounter by traveling memorable experiences beyond their horizon! In addition, our mission is to provide our international clients with sustainable trips and, at the same time, foster an understanding of sustainability among our domestic suppliers, in compliance with our sustainability strategy.

Ethiopia is an extraordinary country, and the only one in Africa, except for Egypt, with such a rich history and with an original culture, the lifespan of which encompasses hundreds of years.

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Ethiopia - a world apart, an ancient land, the birthplace of the human race. We have just returned from a 6-week journey so amazing that the English language is inadequate to describe. Ethiopia is a land of many faces, holy traditions and indescribably beautiful landscapes.

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On the territory of Ethiopia, there is an enormous plateau stretching at the altitude between 2000 and 3000 meters above the sea level. In the North and in the center of the country, there are 25 mountain peaks, rising to the altitude of more than 4000 meters. Such situation has made the country win the nickname of „the Roof of Africa”, and ensures magnificent views and impressions. For instance, in the Semien Mountains, there are several mountains peaks, rising to the altitude above 4000 meters, and the highest one of them is the mountain called Ras Dashen the height of which amounts to 4630 meters. Trekking in the Semien is different than that in Nepal, or even than climbing Kilimanjaro. One does not need Sherpa, and luggage is carried by mules on their backs. The routes are easy and no one is likely to find them difficult.

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Traditional Ethiopian cuisine provides the true richness of clearly-recognizable tastes. It is based upon, first and foremost, spicely-conditioned vegetables and meat dishes. The basic condiment is hot berberi – a red paste of minced green pepper, mitmita – its pulverized variety with the addition of a small amount of salt. Pepper is practically never used , whereas salt is used in small quantities only. Auazi is a very spicy paste having an interesting taste. It is made of spicy peppers and vegetable subjected to the process of fermentation.

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A piece of epic poetry, titled Kebra Nagast, which means The Glory of Kings, constitutes for Ethiopians the only truth about their history. One part of this truth is a colourful tale about the meeting of and love between the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon.

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