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It is one of the highest-located capital cities in the world. According to many sources, Addis Abeba is third in such classification, after Bolivian La Paz and Ecuador's Quito. However, La Paz is not an official capital city of its country, so we can move the Ethiopian city up to the second place.

Addis Ababa is of purely African character and magnificent traditions, rapidly growing, and the number of inhabitants representing an extraordinary mixture of nationalities is increasing all the time.

During a day trip, you will see all the most important places to visit in Addis Ababa.

Business Travel: “Sojourn after the meeting”

Theme: Business

Product: City Breaks

Tour Code: TET 006

Duration: Full Day

Accommodation: Hotel

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In the Morning

Visiting Addis Abeba will begin with seeing the orthodox cathedral of the Holy Trinity. It is the most important church in Ethiopia. In this church, there is a mausoleum of the last emperor of Ethiopia - Haile Selassie. his wife is also buried there. Then, we will see the National Museum, which is said to be one of the most important museums in whole Sub-Saharan Africa. 3,2 million-years old bones of our grand .... ancestor - Lucy, are one of the most famous exhibits of their collection. The attention of visitors is drawn by a rich collection of insignia of emperor and churches, costumes, and weapons. The oldest exhibits are rock sculptures and inscriptions from the times of Queen Saba, found near Aksum and in today's Eritrea.

The ethnographic museum, which is a next stop on our trip in Addis Abeba, is in the University. It was found and managed by Polish scientists, professor Stanisław Chojnacki. The most interesting part of the exhibition is a collection of crosses and icons. The museum should be visited by amateurs of folklore instruments, since the collection of them gathered in the museum is impressive.

The lunch break will take place in the restaurant serving Ethiopian dishes and local beer. e.g., in "Ambassador" with a large garden.

In the Afternoon

3200m above the sea level. There is now a new park with an observation deck offering panoramic views of Addis Ababa. Here located was the capital city of Ethiopia, before Menelik II moved it to Addis Abeba. The king's palace remained until today. The local museum exhibits crowns belonging to kings and church, costumes, and insignia.

The final attraction of the day in Addis Abeba will be a trip through Merkato, which is believed to be the biggest marketplace in Africa.

After visiting, we will escort you to the chosen hotel or to the airport. End of city tour.

TET 006

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